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While working with us.

4 products

we built have been acquired by large businesses
(> $1 billion market cap)

4 clients

raised a collective $5 million in seed rounds

Several other

businesses have become profitable without needing to raise money

In years 2015 - 2018 our clients have generated revenue of $30 million primarily off of the products we’ve developed together. We've used SAFE contracts and convertible notes before to structure a discount for some of our clients.

Because we’re so closely involved with our clients, it’s not possible for us to share as much as we might like to but here’s how some of our clients talk about us:

I can say with conviction that no partner has proven as reliable and committed as u2i over the years. And then there is the unique relationship of trust – we have never felt we have to withhold information or manage a vendor trying to upsell, quite the opposite. If in doubt, u2i will find a simpler way.
Sascha Haselmayer
CEO, Citymart
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I’ve worked with firms in the past that are literally to the hour and to the dollar, and take advantage of the clients in terms of estimates for future work. u2i is the opposite and it doesn’t even feel like they’re an outsourced team. They feel like they’re my engineers, the only difference being the distance.
Alex Meis
Co-Founder, Kinvolved
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From the beginning, our team at u2i has been like an extension of our organization. They are professional, engaging, fun to work with, and most of all, really talented at what they do. We couldn't have hoped for a better overall experience. For anyone interested in developing technology but unsure of which firm to use, I couldn't more highly recommend u2i.
Clint Konzman
Partner & PEO Consultant, Onward Advisors
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All developers at u2i are in the top 5% of industry talent. The team built an automated system that improves hiring, staff support, and administrative process workflows for K-12 school employees. With 2,000 users, positive feedback, and an average 8.7 rating, the software is a great deliverable.
Noah Barnes
COO, Little Bird HR
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We liked everything we saw from u2i. The other companies weren’t anywhere near where they were in terms of skills and qualifications. The team is professional, responsible, process oriented, and strives to improve the product at every step.
Matthew Starobin
CEO, At-Your-Service Software
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