At u2i you don’t just get a job.

You get the whole company – to run, to change, to shape, shake up, tickle, wrestle, trust, hold close and make famous.

Because everyone who works here is a partner.

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Over 55% of u2i'ers have been with us for more than 5 years!

Curious to learn why?

Read what they say about u2i and discover for yourself :)

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I joined hoping for a cool learning experience, but stayed because of the incredible u2i community. 7 years later, I'm still here, enjoying it as much as I did in the first week.

Software Developer
since 2017

I firmly believe the most important (and the best as well) part of the u2i are people. Not the projects, not the technology, not the benefits but people. The opportunity to learn from such smart badasses is really mindblowing.

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an anonymous survey

It is admirable to see that most u2i’ers are either here for a long time or have moved on to do big things. This really lets you know this is a great place for growth and personal development.

Szymon, Software Developer
moved on to do big things

People are very caring and helpful, it made me feel included from the very beginning.

Software Developer
since 2022

You feel at home here. You are given responsibility and help to deliver. You can grow in (nearly) every possible way.

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an anonymous survey



We are a tech company which helps other companies get their technology side right so they don’t miss their window of opportunity.

Our mission

We never wanted to work at a faceless outsourcing company, anonymously going through a daily list of tasks before home time. So we set up u2i to be the complete opposite.

We work directly with our clients, spotting ways we can help them grow their businesses.



We are an employee-owned company, which means that you will have an actual impact on the company's actions and a share in its profits.

Also, we have incorporated many elements of a flat structure, so you won't have to work around any communication barriers or have anyone standing above you and telling you what to do.

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We have many projects that come in different shapes and colors. Some small, dynamic, other big and static, some of them interesting and some… not so much. That’s life!

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The thing that you’ll definitely like is the real impact you’ll have on each an every product you make.

See our projects

Our favourite technologies include, but are not limited to the following:

Ruby on Rails



We know that salary is an important aspect when considering a new job opportunity. Here’s how we handle it:

Salary ranks

Our salary ranges are based on real salaries of u2i employees with similar skills to the job description you apply for - we use a salary ranking model to ensure fairness and equality.

Profit sharing

We operate on a profit-sharing model where profits are shared among employees, aligning with their positions in the salary ranking model.

First 6 months

For the initial 6 months, you’ll receive a fixed salary that was agreed upon during the recruitment process. Afterward, you’ll enter the salary ranking model and your compensation will be reassessed based on your performance during this period.

*If you opt for a b2b contract, your compensation will be in dollars, not PLN

Want to know more about our salary philosophy? Watch the interview with our COO, Pawel.



a true u2i'er

We look for people who are thinkers and talkers and get-stuck-inners.

Who ask the right questions and who always find a way.

Who like a good breakfast* ,

and enjoy hanging around in the office** .

*we’ll sort that out for you

**we switched to a hybrid model but still remain an office-first company

Who speak English and are keen to get better (we’ll sort that out too).

So if something deep in your guts tells you this could be the right place for you, check out our current openings!

Who knows, maybe today marks the beginning of your story with u2i?

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We're always excited to peek at awesome resumes, so feel free to share yours for future opportunities.

Send us your CV and we’ll get in touch when we have an opening that matches your expectations.

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